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With the knowledge and will to provide even better services, Sim was created. Being an unconventional translation company, our belief is rooted in the sharing of knowledge and concentrating on experience as a medium through which the best results can be attained.

Oriented to the market of simultaneous translation, Sim has dedicated its services to its customers from commencement, thus, planning each project with care with an aim of exhibiting a high level of professionalism in order to meet each client’s need.

Our customers can count on our total involvement. SIM has an offset in data searching for a better comprehension of the particularities of each project, which passes through a team of competent professionals with knowledge and focus in the area being discussed.

Communication between teams and suppliers is the best way to ensure that our work always meets our customers’ expectations with outstanding quality.

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Our main focus is on simultaneous translations,
yet not losing sight of other areas.

Our services:

  • Interpreters for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • Translations of files
  • Public translations
  • Interpreters for business meetings and booths at trade shows or business expositions
  • Interpreters for foreigners
  • Business meetings
  • Translation of websites, catalogs, portfolios, and presentations
  • Proof-reading/Revision of texts
  • Translation of event-related texts (letters, emails, PPT, manuals)
  • Bilingual receptionists

Sim Simultâneas develops integrated solutions for your event. With an expertise in simultaneous translation, our team is composed of experienced professionals, who work exclusively with translation.

With our unique involvement throughout the process, we are ready to provide our customers with an excellent support.

Our areas of expertise are: marketing, information technology, engineering, business administration, foreign trade, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law, sociology, psychology and psychoanalysis, economy and finance, steelmaking/iron industry, chemical, oil, and coal industries, among others.

You can also count on us for other services, such as the translation of common files and legal documents. SIM works with its own methodology and tools needed to meet your demands with both agility and quality.


Sim has a broad network of professionals. They supply simultaneous translation, equipment and technicians with phenomenal quality. If desired, you can also count on us to coordinate and manage these suppliers on your next event.


Contact us, SIM is ready to listen to you!

An independent, consonant team with much more efficiency.

In sync, experienced, and accustomed to providing services for large projects: Such is the team of professionals at Sim Simultâneas, with years of experience in project management, interpreting, and translation of files.

Our service model is based on relationships we build with our customers. This was developed to allow a deeper collaboration, helping to build more transparent relationships with the aim of optimizing the outcome of our work.

Quality is our priority; this is why our professionals are constantly improving and upgrading their knowledge, with an objective of maintaining service quality as to continuously supply customers with the best expertise and flexibility needed to meet their various demands.

Vanise Dresch

Tradutora e intérprete de conferências desde 1993, bacharel em Letras / Tradução nos idiomas francês e inglês pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul e especialista em interpretação de conferências pela Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul no idioma francês. Além de sólida formação, vários cursos de atualização e aperfeiçoamento em Paris contribuíram para fortalecer a experiência e a vivência da língua. Destacam-se os cursos realizados na Câmara de Comércio e Indústria de Paris (CCIP), com bolsa concedida pelo Ministério das Relações Exteriores da França, por intermédio da Embaixada francesa no Brasil.

20 anos de trabalho na área de tradução de textos, artigos e livros técnicos (Ed. Artmed, Livraria do Advogado, Ed. Paulus, Revista da Sociedade Psicanalítica de Porto Alegre e Revista da Sociedade Psicanalítica de Paris)
Mais de 15 anos de atuação como intérprete em traduções simultâneas e consecutivas de diferentes áreas, como medicina, ciências sociais, psicologia, psicanálise, meio ambiente, direito, entre outros. As atividades como intérprete que mais se destacam: tradução consecutiva para o governo do RS e para a montadora Renault (São José dos Pinhais), tradução simultânea em todas as edições do Fórum Social Mundial (membro da equipe oficial), no evento Fronteiras do Pensamento e em atividades da Rio + 20.


Rafael Andrade

After five years in the United States, I moved back to Brazil with a Bachelor’s degree in English from the San Francisco State University, California. In Brazil, I attained a full diploma in translation and interpretation from the Alumni School, a renowned course in this area in São Paulo, city where I lived for seven years.

On the market for ten years, I have already had the opportunity to work in several different large size companies, such as Petrobrás (refineries in BA, RJ, SP), several different Nestlé factories in the state of São Paulo, training programs for HP, Pão de Açúcar Group, Zaffari Group, among many others. I have also worked with many Brazilian advertising agencies, such as DPZ, Fabra Quinteiro, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Lew Lara, JWT, Euro RSCG, R.epense and other agencies specialized in events, like B/Ferraz and Messe Frankfurt Fairs. On a special note, I would like to mention W/Brasil, agency where I had the opportunity to work on the book that the São Paulo Futebol Clube took to Japan the last time they won the Fifa Club World Cup. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to translate some well-known faces of our politics, like Delfim Neto, Marina Silva, and I have recently had the opportunity to work with the mayor of Porto Alegre, José Fortunati.


Amanda Francisco

With a degree in Translation by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and a Master’s Degree in Translation Studies, I’m a Public Translator accredited by the Rio Grande do Sul Board of Trade, as well as an essay evaluator for the entrance examination at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

I have been working for thirteen years as a translator and for nine years as an interpreter. I took a graduate course in Translation Studies at Universitat de Barcelona in 2005, and I am certified by the University of Cambridge – English Proficiency Certificate. On February 2012, I did an upgrading course at the Frances King School of English, in London.

As an interpreter, I translate conferences, lectures, meetings, and press conferences.

I have already worked as an interpreter for some UN organizations, such as: UNDP, UNHABITAT, and UNHCR. Among the dignitaries I have already worked with, I could mention: Nouriel Roubini, James Hunter, William Ury, Peter Burke, Michael Schudson, John Howkins, Jonathan Mildenhall, Jean-Paul Huchon, Richard Stallman, and Jon “Maddog” Hall.


Cristina Hintz

With a degree in humanities and marketing, I have always had the interest of working with people. Coordinating both the management and service assistance team, I managed to combine these two areas, so I could further motivate people around me and improving work quality and our work environment overall.

I spent the past eight years working for one of the largest translation agencies in the South of Brazil, directly managing the department of simultaneous translation.

This experience allowed me to gain solid knowledge in the area of project management as well as interpreters and translators’ capacity building and development.

As I worked with major customers from diverse segments, I have always tried to provide them with all relevant information needed as to facilitate their selection of the best translation service for their event, following the whole process and supporting them whenever needed.

Now, I am devoting my entire energy and leadership capacity to Sim, searching for total satisfaction for customers and all those involved in our projects.


Attention to
the slightest details:
What makes Sim different

Sim was created with the idea of offering the best advantages to its customers, from the beginning of a work process to the end of it. Check out the main reasons why you should choose Sim for your next project:


  • We believe in bringing professionals and customers closer, so we can build more
    transparent relations, which translate into better work results.
  • Good relationship with companies, which allows us to better understand their needs and compose teams that best suit their demands.
  • Broad experience when it comes to simultaneous translation coordination, which helps us understand the process and manage events.
  • Confidentiality policy, which gives more protection to customers in every project.
  • Simultaneous and consecutive translation services, carried out by experts in diverse market segments.
  • Professionals with a broad experience (thousands of hours working in the translation booth) and knowledge on cultural particularities of different countries.
  • Our policy is oriented towards continuous learning, training support, and upgrade courses for our team.
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