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Cristina Hintz

Cristina Hintz

With a degree in humanities and marketing, I have always had the interest of working with people. Coordinating both the management and service assistance team, I managed to combine these two areas, so I could further motivate people around me and improving work quality and our work environment overall.

I spent the past eight years working for one of the largest translation agencies in the South of Brazil, directly managing the department of simultaneous translation.

This experience allowed me to gain solid knowledge in the area of project management as well as interpreters and translators’ capacity building and development.

As I worked with major customers from diverse segments, I have always tried to provide them with all relevant information needed as to facilitate their selection of the best translation service for their event, following the whole process and supporting them whenever needed.

Now, I am devoting my entire energy and leadership capacity to Sim, searching for total satisfaction for customers and all those involved in our projects.

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